BigStartups City Networks

BigStartups Network is a centralised communication channel for global startup ecosystem where startups and members from all over the world come together to connect, engage, interact, communicate and collaborate.
BigStartups City Networks

Our Capabilities

By drawing power from centralization BigStartups Network empowers its members with unlimited capabilities. These capabilities developed over time by mustering millions of people globally on a unified platform. The power of our network lies in its potential to connect with any other member in the entire geography.
Global Communication

Global Communication

The centralized architecture empowers our members to connect with other members all across the globe easily through our City Networks.
Instant Reach

Instant Reach

We have designed tools that have capabilities to provide your post instant reach like never before, in any part of the world.
Provide Ease Of Access

Ease Of Access

This centralization of resources provides our members the ease of access to them from all across the globe.

Our Services

The service can be easily availed through BigStartups 'Wallet Credits'. BigStartups Network offers 2000 credits to every member with their signup to explore the platform conveniently.

Power Circulation

Select your target regions and your post will be posted in all the cities falling under those regions automatically.

Email Circulars

You can add your post in our global and city network circlulars.

City Networks

Join City Networks that you would be interested to engage in more often.

Global Posting

Provide global scope to your post and provide global feed visibilty.

How It Works

All the above mentioned services are driven by our centralized architechture. To know more about BigStartups Network Circulars and how it works, watch the video.