BigStartups Network Services

We took years to observe and design the most relevant and best of best services for the startup ecosystem. Below are few services that BigStartups Network boasts off, especially designed for the needs of the global startup ecosystem.

Power Circulation

Our power circulation feature allows members to instantly reach other members across the globe. Your posts are circulated based on the regions you select. Our systems circulates the post to each and every member of the city chapters falling in those regions, through notifications and city feeds.

Power Circulation Features

One Click Solution

Post in as many cities as you want in just as single click. Simply set the targeting of your post by cities, states, countries or the whole world and our systems will post them in all city chapters falling under your targeting.

Better Targetting

By selecting the regions your choice, you are ensured that your post is shown to people in that region through our City Networks, City Feeds, City Notifications, City Filters, City Emails, etc.

How It Works?

Follow the steps below to understand how you can use our services.

Step 1 : Make a Post on BigStartups Network

Simply login to BigStartups Network and make a post. You can post links, images, text, articles, products, deals, startups, youtube videos, etc.

Step 2 : Click on Promote button

After you have made a post, it will be immediately available in your feed and also in your profile timeline. Click on the promote button available in bottom right of your post to get different options for promotions.

Step 3 : Click on Power Circulation

Promote button will take you to promote page for your post where you will see a list of dropdowns. Click on the one which says Power Circulation. Power Circulation provides you with options to circulate your post in any part of the world, in the blink of an eye.

Step 4 : Select your Target Regions

Select regions you want to circulate your post in. You may choose regions by cities, states, countries or the whole world. Once approved for power circulation, your post is posted in all the city chapters falling under the selected region automatically and each member of the respective city chapter is notified about it through by notification engine.