Checkout The Most Popular Online Payment Gateway In UAE

Checkout The Most Popular Online Payment Gateway In UAE

As the trend, online payment gateway is picking up pace in the UAE and the rest of the world, it is important to know about the major ones. It will help the merchants to find the best available option and jump on the bandwagon.

So without any further ado, take a look at the most popular online payment gateway in the UAE.   

 1. 2Checkout

This portal accepts payment from any device and from any country. They provide high security, against any possible data breaches and frauds. A lot of merchants have opted for this platform in order to carry out safe and secure transactions. They accept all the major credit cards like Visa, American Express, JCB, MasterCard, etc for a standard price. 2Checkout allows the merchants to easily reach their customers, with the help of localized checkout experience.

The brand smoothly integrates the checkout process, without the need for excess coding. It allows the users' purchase experience to move consistently with the website.  


2. BitPay

It is trusted by a lot of users from all over the world, and it is very popular in the UAE. The brand accepts bitcoin in exchange for the online payment. Their reach is global which allows one to explore international markets. It keeps a close eye on any kind of ID theft or fraud. It runs on just 1% as a fee, and there are absolutely no charges. It allows the merchants to accept crypto donations and payments from the customers. The platform also allows us to send invoices in a simple and easy manner.

To add the cherry on top, it also allows you to accept payment on a tablet or phone. One can receive all the funds directly to the bank accounts with no risk. Getting on this platform means to join a $250 billion crypto market, and accept payment from anywhere in the world in just 48 hours.


3. Payfort

This platform motivates the merchants to accept online payment, reduce the risk, and upheave the revenue. One can easily create it with quick integration. They can support a business's checkout page with more than 50 shopping carts. To provide the merchant with more facility they provide their own plug-and-play developer kit to boost the integration. They help with an integration team to allow a business to jump from production to live.

Take a look at how the platform helps in boosting the transaction size-

      Customers can pay easily from anywhere with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. They can also go for installments.

      It is easy to access services like Invoicing to pay.

      Boost speed of transaction while providing recurring service for automatically scheduled payments.

      Reduce friction on payments.

As different countries with unique cultures have separate needs, Payfort experts in payment processing technology provide great help to accept different currencies globally and locally. They help by delivering local payment methods.

Online credit card frauds can cost a lot if not tackled properly. Hence it is important to secure the transaction and protect it. Their risk management team secures the platform against online fraud and keeps the process safe.     


4. iPayLinks

The aim of the company is to empower cross-border business growth with the help of fintech. It is in fact one of the biggest global settlement platforms from China. They work by developing value for the customers by doing two things-

      Understanding the customer's business

      Guides them to jump into the bandwagon of international markets  

      Provide help with tailored industry solutions

      Use data-driven approaches

      Help the users by maximizing revenue and reducing the risks

iPayLinks provides a global payment solution by expanding a business's reach. The platforms push their customers to opt for secure and efficient transaction ways with a huge local payment network. The company's partnership with card schemes, international banks, and domestic means permits the businesses to collect payments in different currencies.       

What are the advantages of iPayLinks?

Fraud prevention 

For a lot of different industries, this platform delivers multiple comprehensive fraud prevention solutions. They protect every single transaction with real-time monitoring and analysis of customers' behavior.   


High success rate

In order to provide you with the best possible user experience, the platform uses unified routing and prioritization on all channels. To enhance the quality further, the data is processed in real-time so that the failures can be reduced. This plays a huge role in increasing transaction success rates.     


Cost management

The platform supports settlement in major 11 currencies. This helps in integrating all the methods and features in a single platform. It saves costs by decreasing exchange loss.    



Now you know about the popular and promising options available in the field of online payment gate. There are a lot of other options available as well, but it is important for a business to focus on its security and seamless integration for effective results.

Therefore, do not forget to reach out to professionals for more information. Drop your views about the options mentioned here, and let us know if you want to know more about the technology behind them. But until then, stay hooked to this amazing platform for more updates about progressive technologies.                        

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