Today we would like to draw your attention to EduPsyche.in which is a startup with its focus on improving the education setup of India.

Launched in August 2014, the startup focuses on helping the students handle the increasing pressure they face from the system on every level, be it during primary school, secondary or higher secondary years of a student’s education.


Dr.Dhaval Mody, Founder

Mental health or psychological well-being makes up an integral part of an individual's capacity to lead a fulfilling life, including the ability to form and maintain relationships, to study, work or pursue leisure interests, and to make day-to-day decisions about educational, employment, housing or other choices. Disturbances to an individual's mental well-being can adversely compromise these capacities and choices, leading not only to diminish functioning at the individual level but also broader welfare losses at the household and societal level. 

The team behind EduPsyche.in felt that in our existing society everyone, from students to young professionals faces extraordinary amounts of stress in their lives. EduPsyche.in estimates that there are around 70-75 million Indians who may be in the vulnerable to mental disorders due to being overworked, being under immense stress et al. 

On the other hand, the country has around Four thousand psychiatrists and around Eight thousand psychologists who are, as you must’ve rightly assumed simply not enough to cater to the immense mass of humanity in need of their services. 


Dr.Bhavi Mody, Board Memeber

You may wonder, that despite the existence of mental health facilities in India, why are there a rising number of cases of mental health issues? 

The answer to this lies in our mentality, many Indians take pride in being overworked and it’s in our mentality to keep working hurt. While this may have been fine in the earlier days, as most of the work tended to be of the physical nature, it’s not okay in the modern IT age, as nearly all of the work is done by the young professionals and students hunched over in front of a laptop or a computer screen. 

Also, seeking help of any nature is considered to be taboo in the society and unfortunately the all-powerful “chaar log” mentality prevails over common sense. 

EduPsyche.in has positioned itself perfectly to beat this mentality by providing the services of excellent mental health care professionals online, so that the patient doesn’t have to face the social stigma of visiting a doctor for mental health related reasons. 


Supriya Das, Board Member

EduPsyche.in has the following major services:

  • Mentagram: To connect professionals with would be patients. The client can even have audio/video consultations. Thanks to this service even clients from Tier-II and Tier-III cities can avail help as necessary.
  • EduSem: Identifying children’s requirements and help children with special needs’ integration into the mainstream society all the while monitoring their wellness.

EduPsyche.in has bootstrapped it’s funding for now, and the founder DR. Dhaval Mody states that the vision of his startup is to make all people aware and more open towards the issue of mental health and eventually help society shed the stigma around availing help for mental health issues.

We wish EduPsyche.in all the best in their efforts to make the society a better place, and hope that they go places in their journey. 

You can visit them here. If you liked the story you just read, you can read more of us here.

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