BookMyBook – Building a reading ecosystem in India

BookMyBook, is an emerging #startup which has set up a trusted marketplace exclusively for books with secure payments and proactive quality control mechanisms. 

BookMyBook, founded by Harmeet in June 2015 aims to create a one stop shop for readers throughout the nation and develop an entirely new generation of readers through its simple and intuitive buying and selling process of books. 

The founder, Harmeet is an MBA graduate from Delhi. After completing his MBA, the founder of BookMyBook chose not to get employed by an MNC or an established conglomerate, but instead chose to forge his own path in a product and a platform he had immense passion for. We’ll talk some more about that later. Now we’d like to dive right into it and discuss in depth about the startup, its idea, the story of its formation et al.

The Idea: While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Indore, Harmeet got into a habit of reading and read north of a dozen books every year of his college life! Voracious readers, anyone? 

During his semi-annual semester breaks, when he returned to his hometown, he lamented upon the lack of infrastructure to recycle books, and he also asked himself the question, what should be done with a book once one finished reading it? He came to the conclusion that coupled with transparency and the right approach towards the consumers, the idea had huge potential. 

Although the existence of a plethora of marketplaces online, proved to be a daunting challenge, Harmeet went ahead and banked the identity and the existence of his venture on having simply amazing products on board, and a hassle-free transparent payment mechanism.       

The Process: 

BookMyBook has two distinct work flows, one from the seller’s perspective and one from the buyer’s perspective. The buyer’s portal is set to be rolled out in the near future. So, we look into the selling cycle.

BookMyBook has a very simple and quick procedure for selling your books on their marketplace.

  • BookMyBook provides free pickup of the books right from your doorstep!
  • Enter the ISBN code of your book.
  • Within 24 hours the team quotes you the best selling price, which is also the best price you get in the market.
  • After a quality check to maintain stringent standards, BookMyBook pays you the money through a variety of ways!

Et Voila! You will just have earned easy cash through BookMyBook all the while helping someone you don’t know in a far off place enjoy the pleasure of reading! (Also freeing up some of your precious closet space) 

The Motto of BookMyBook:  To find a second life for as many books as possible. To provide a whole new wave of readers with books and easy access to them via BookMyBook.

The Challenges:  

The team also faced their fair share of challenges along the way. As is unfortunately the story of many other young entrepreneurs, Harmeet’s parents were also initially wary of him starting a firm and wanted him to follow the conventional path and take up a cushy job in a plush office run by a team of middle-aged bourgeois men and have a ‘well-settled’ life as the saying goes.

The Future: Currently serving the Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), the intended expansion route is through the Tier-II and Tier-III cities and also the rural and college towns. The bootstrapped startup will also look for funding when the time Through the startup, Harmeet and his team want to provide easy access to all the readers who may not be able to afford brand new copies of books they love. Breathing a new life in to books and creating a whole new world of possibilities for the young readers.

Unique Selling Prepositions: While selling your books at BookMyBook you can receive your payment through cheque, bank transfers and even online wallets like MobiKwik et al. 

Now that’s a startup with its technology in the right place! Now, enough of us telling you, you can find out more about them at BookMyBook.

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