In Interview with 16 year old Abishiekh Jain, founder of Hackers Den

In Interview with 16 year old Abishiekh Jain, founder of Hackers Den

The young minds have the ability to conquer what many experienced people think thrice to do. We can call it their lack of risk sense or the desire to make something possible, both the ways, they are the vigour, future, and leaders of a country.

 “To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.”  Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook

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 Abishiekh Jain, one such brave heart from the exquisite land of Chennai, is the founder of Hackers den - an IT based startup which provides cool hacks (tricks) to handle technology profoundly. Waiting to be promoted to class 12th, Abishiekh has already emerged as an inspiring personality for those who know him. He has 11,467 people connected to him through Facebook, and over 7000 people follow him on his personal Twitter account. presents you an exclusive interview of this talented young mind. What is Hackers den?

Abishiekh : Basically, Hackers den is a technology blog about tricks. We are a bunch of geeks, with myself leading the crew. We try all the possible ways to bring the cooler hacks of all time, and we make sure our extensive research brings you the best. Some of the tricks on which we are working are on Facebook. Now, we have also started doing a free software on the sub-domains like We are trying to apply all the technology stuff into this. What inspired you to launch Hackers den? 

Abishiekh :Actually, I was in 6th standard and I didn’t know anything about online markets. I didn’t even know how to download or how to paste. I was such a low at that time and I hated computer a lot. I was the type of a nerd boy who was always into books. So, one day what happened is one of my enemies. He came to me and boasted about himself that I can hack accounts, I can hack anything and blah, blah, blah, and in front of girls. I felt embarrassed a lot and he challenged me and said that ‘go home and I will send some weird messages to all the girls from your contact,’ and I was scared. I went home, I was scared, and I waited for him to hack my account, but he didn’t do anything as he didn’t know anything about hacking. The next day I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you hack?’ He said, ‘I took pity on you.’ And I was like, ‘Thanks so much.’ That same day I went online and I started learning about these things. You know, it took me 30-45 minutes to create my first Gmail account. Then I started learning programming, and some other things. I learned till 8th standard but no one in school knew who I am. Then one day, I informed a page on Facebook with respect to work along with them and later, after they made some enquiries, hired me as an editor. Later, I started my own page Hackers Den on May 10, 2014. Though, I left that page because they didn’t allow me to post hacking things. I didn’t have money at that time, I wasn’t earning, and (I) didn’t have the guts to ask my father for money for the online things. I created a website then in free domain gradually Hackers Den page received so much love from the people. I later moved it to a custom domain I want to make India a technology hub. I put things for free on the website. Well, Abishiekh, you are quite young. I’m in awe. How did you manage to achieve all this at such a young age?Abishiekh: I think it is dedication. I am very much dedicated to technology and Hackers den. It is kind of a passion to me, but moreover, it was because if my enemy. He triggered the techie in me. He told me nasty stuff like you cannot do anything, but now I can. It all was possible because of series of events actually. I felt no one wanted to teach me, I am a loser, and things like that. When I started learning online, people asked me to pay them, but I choose not to and learn from free sites. That’s why what I post is free. I do not want money as a barrier in between a person and education. How many members are on your team?

Abishiekh: We are a team of 6-7 people and they all are elder than me. I’m the youngest one. They all are college graduates. What are your future plans?

Abishiekh: I didn’t know that Hackers den could get this big in this short span of time. We are planning to launch a social networking site when Hackers den is stable. You know something like Facebook but not exactly Facebook. We want to enhance a few things in social networking. I want to make something which will help people. Where do you see yourself after 10 years

Abishiekh: I cannot predict. I can’t say anything now. But I can say that after 10 years I will be more successful than I am now. As an Indian, I know how hard it is to do something apart from studies. Parents are rather unsupportive unless it is related to your ‘future’ with a ‘good job’. So, Abishiekh, what were your parents’ reaction when you told them about Hackers den? 

Abishiekh: (Laughs) When I started I faced a lot of disapproval from relatives and people around me. I was on the computer for 10-12 hours a day and I was failing in major subjects. But, I was learning something new and very useful. The questions were raised about my future. Though my parents were rather supportive. They supported me in whatever I was doing (they had no idea what I did, though) but told me to focus on my studies too. Later, when people started noticing me for my work, they started calling my parents and told them how good I am doing. You know it happens in India when you’re initially starting no one support you, but when they see the end result (and if it is good) you become an object of admiration. You’re in which class, Abishiekh?

Abishiekh: I’m in 11th. I mean the 11th is completed, I am waiting for the results. How do you manage your studies and startup together?

Abishiekh: I manage myself a lot. I have my schedule where I have allotted time to each and everything. Though it gets impossible sometimes but I try hard. Who is your role model?

Abishiekh: No one… What? No one?

Abishiekh: Yes, no one actually. I used to follow a lot of people, but when I read about them in depth, I realised that they all are cheaters. Some have cheated their friends, and some have blatantly said no to give shares to people who actually deserved it. Though, I follow the founder of Alibaba (his name). I love the way he expresses himself and is leading his business.  So I guess this is all. Do, you want to add something more, Abishiekh?

Abishiekh: Yes, I would like to say something to the young entrepreneurs. Oh, sure. Yes, please. Advice is always good when coming from inspiring people. 

Abishiekh: I want to reach out to all the young and new entrepreneurs through and tell them that please do not quit. No matter what, do not quit. It is not the solution. You have started your journey, it is you who have the power to reach new heights. Just do not quit. Hackers den is being praised by bloggers around the world. Below are a few of them :-

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