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Publishing articles with BigStartups Network has its perks. Telling the community about your idea, startup or product will get you better reach on this global platform. You are free to share your professional expertise and add value to the network or express views, ideas and research on Business, Technology & Self-Management globally etc. So here are some tips you can follow to get maximum traction on your article on BigStartups Network.

We welcome you to share your expertise for other professionals & entrepreneurs. We invite views, ideas and research on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Legal, Business, Technology & Self Management.

Make sure to add a caption to your article.

Article with personalized captions are known to attract more attention in the community feed giving readers a heads up to what the article is about.

A picture is worth thousand words.

Hence, make sure to add an attractive but relevant image to your article in order to attract more readers.

Give a headline to your article.

Giving a headline to your article help in conveying to the community what they are about to read. A strong headline can do wonders to your article.

Give a detailed account of your topic.

Articles with more than 400 words are the ones that catch the public eye the most. Give a strong introduction to your article, followed by a descriptive body explaining your topic and a conclusion.

Don’t stuff your article with links and backlinks.

Over stuffing your article with unnecessary links and backlinks as it decreases the reach of your article on the network. If necessary add maximum of 2 links in your article. Also, no link should be present in first 80% of your content.

Restrict yourself from adding profane/pornographic content.

Any article containing slightest hint of vulgarity will be deleted by BigStartups Network and user will be blocked permanently from the website.

Add tags to your article.

Adding appropriate tags to your article and placing it in the right categories will help reader to easily search for your article when needed.

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Happy writing! We look forward to your articles.