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Top 10 Best Pulses Brands in Pakistan 2022

Top 10 Best Pulses Brands in Pakistan 2022

Pulses are recommended as a way to end global nutritional poverty due to their significant nutritional value, including their high levels of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are the component of a diet that is balanced and healthful. But the continuous increase in inflation is directly affecting the buying capacity of people. So. Most people are compromising on the quality to get pulses in Pakistan at a low price.

But are you trying to find a quality but reasonable-priced pulses brand? We have conducted detailed research to find out the brands that are providing quality products at a reasonable price.

  • Himalayan Chef
  • Ok Pulses
  • Amaltaas
  • Naturals (Fresh & Healthy)
  • Del Monte
  • Metro Chef
  • Nuts & Legumes Co.
  • Perfect Foods
  • Sheikhu
  • The Organic Shop

Himalayan Chef Pulses

Himalayan Chef is working on two rules: “Quality is our Passion” and “100% Money Back Guarantee”. They are providing their customers with 100% natural pulses that are grown in a natural environment without the use of chemical fertilizers. Himalayan Chef Pulses are rich in nutrition and available at a reasonable price.

Pulses Offered by Himalayan Chef

  • Himalayan Chef Whole Masoor
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Masoor Washed
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Mong Washed
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Mash Washed
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Chana
  • Himalayan Chef White Chana Small
  • Himalayan Chef White Chana Large
  • Himalayan Chef Red Beans
  • Himalayan Chef White Beans
  • Himalayan Chef Black Chana
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Mong Shelled
  • Himalayan Chef Dal Mash Shelled

ok Pulses

Ok Pulses is the sub-brand of Metro Cash & Carry which is considered the biggest supermarket store in Pakistan. Almost all types of nutritious food are available there. You may get your recommended daily intake of pulses from OK for the lowest costs!

Pulses offered by ok Metro

  • Ok Black Chana
  • Ok White Chana
  • Ok Dal Masoor Washed
  • Ok Dal Masoor Whole
  • Ok Dal Chana
  • Ok Lobia Red
  • Ok Dal Mong Whole
  • Ok Dal Mong Shelled
  • Ok Dal Mong Washed
  • Ok Dal Mash Washed
  • Ok Dal Mash Whole
  • Dal Mash Shelled
  • Ok White Lobia


Amaltaas focused on promoting a healthy and responsible way of life. They follow moral business practices and guarantee that all of their items are fair-trade. Amaltaas wants to be a one-stop store for people that appreciate natural, healthy products and want to purchase locally made products.

Pulses offered by Amaltass

  • Amaltass Dal Chana
  • Amaltass Dal Mash
  • Amaltass Dal Mash Dasi
  • Amaltass Dal Mash Chilka
  • Amaltass Dal Masoor
  • Amaltass Dal Moong
  • Amaltass Dal Moong Chilka
  • Amaltass Red Kidney Beans


Naturals (Fresh & Healthy)

Naturals are growers and suppliers of fresh, wholesome food for you and your family that is completely traceable. Their objective is to improve the food culture in Pakistan for all people.

Pulses Offered by Naturals (Fresh & Healthy)

  • Naturals Dal Chana
  • Naturals Moong Dal
  • Naturals Dal Masoor Breek
  • Naturals Dal Mash Washed
  • Naturals Masaar Desi
  • Naturals White Chana Large
  • Naturals Black Chana
  • Naturals Red Lobia
  • Naturals White Lobia
  • Naturals Moong Whole
  • Naturals Dal Masoor Farmi
  • Naturals Masaar Farmi
  • Naturals Dal Maash Chilka
  • Naturals Dal Maash Whole

Del Monte Foods

Del Monte is a US-based food company that is the biggest exporter in his country. They are providing nutritious products to their customers with great innovation.

Pulses Offered by Del Monte Foods

  • Del Monte Pure Grains Moong Dal
  • Del Monte Pure Grains Chana Dal
  • Del Monte Pure Grains Mash Dal
  • Del Monte Pure Grains Masur Dal
  • Del Monte Pure Grains White Chana

Metro Chef

Top-notch food solution-driven items are offered by Metro Chef for use in commercial kitchens. Excellent quality and outcomes are ensured by premium ingredients and a strictly monitored production procedure. Their products are available on the online shopping platform Metro.

Pulses Offered by Metro Chef

  • Metro Chef Dal Chana
  • Metro Chef Daal Mong Washed
  • Metro Chef Black Chana
  • Metro Chef Daal Masoor Washed
  • Metro Chef Masoor Whole
  • Metro Chef White Chana
  • Metro Chef Daal Mash Washed
  • Metro Chef White Lobia
  • Metro Chef Daal Mash Shelled
  • Metro Chef Daal Mong Shelled
  • Metro Chef Red Lobia
  • Metro Chef Mixed Daal

Nuts & Legumes Co.

Nuts & Legumes Co. provides high-quality nutritious products. They are preparing their products following International Standards such as HACCP. By using an innovative automated system they are reducing the labor cost and offering food items at a reasonable price.

Their pulses come under the umbrella of their sub-brand Khalis Foods. Khalis Food packaging is created using high-tech equipment in a clean atmosphere. Their food-grade packaging material preserves the nutrition and freshness of the product.

Pulses Offered by Nuts & Legumes Co. 

  • Khalis Foods Black Chana
  • Khalis Foods Daal Chana
  • Khalis Foods Daal Chana Bold
  • Khalis Foods Kabuli Chana
  • Khalis Foods Mash Shelled
  • Khalis Foods Mash Washed
  • Khalis Foods Mash Whole
  • Khalis Foods Masoor Washed
  • Khalis Foods Masoor Whole
  • Khalis Foods Mung Shelled
  • Khalis Foods Mung Washed
  • Khalis Foods Mung Whole
  • Khalis Foods Red Lobia
  • Khalis Foods White Lobia

Perfect Foods

Perfect Foods are the industry innovators and major providers of dehydrated processed agricultural items. They concentrate on the quality and safety of their products. They have never reneged on their commitment to quality and integrity since the company's first foundation stone was set.

Pulses Offered by Perfect Foods

  • Perfect Foods Bengal Grams
  • Perfect Foods Black Eye Beans
  • Perfect Foods Black Gram Split
  • Perfect Foods Black Gram Whole
  • Perfect Foods Matpe SQ (Urad)
  • Perfect Foods Brown Lentils
  • Perfect Foods Desi Chickpeas
  • Perfect Foods Green Gram Split
  • Perfect Foods Green Gram Washed
  • Perfect Foods Green Gram Whole
  • Perfect Foods Kabuli Chickpeas
  • Perfect Foods Red Kidney Beans
  • Perfect Foods Moung Beans
  • Perfect Foods Red Gram
  • Perfect Foods Red Lentil Split
  • Perfect Foods White Kidney Beans

Sheikhu Pulses

You can choose from a wide variety of natural pulses from SHEIKHU that are full of nutrition, healthier, and more flavorful. Sheikhu pulses can support you in maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet if you have a concern for your health. All pulses of Sheikhu are carefully collected from Pakistan's best fields, after which they are hygienically processed and packaged in food-grade material. Their goal is to improve your whole dining experience and give you a taste of the Mughals.

Pulses Offered by Sheikhu

  • Sheikhu Dal Mash Washed
  • Sheikhu Dal Masoor
  • Sheikhu Dal Chana
  • Sheikhu Red Kidney Beans
  • Sheikhu White Chana
  • Sheikhu Dal Moong
  • Sheikhu Dal Chana Bold
  • Sheikhu Dal Mong Whole
  • Sheikhu Dal Masoor Whole
  • Sheikhu Dal Mash Whole
  • Sheikhu Dal Mash Shelled
  • Sheikhu White Kidney Beans

The Organic Shop

The Organic Shop's major goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by turning to chemical-free items and discovering cures through natural therapies. All products of The Organic Shop are also aimed to promote ecologically sound farming and growth methods, resource recycling, and food production without the use of harsh pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Pulses Offered by The Organic Shop

  • The Organic Shop Dal Chana
  • The Organic Shop Dal Masoor
  • The Organic Shop Dal Mong

Concluding Note

These were some of the best-selling brands of pulses in Pakistan. Each brand is producing pulses of the highest quality. Some of them follow the current trend and use pesticides and fertilizers to produce rice while other produce their products in a natural environment.

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