10 Tips for writing a great promotional article for your product

10 Tips for writing a great promotional article for your product

"Without promotion, something terrible happens- nothing."  -P.T. Barnum

Creating something new is exciting, and in the business industry, creation is the process which will lead you towards your dream place. It is, without a question, a difficult journey. You never know how people will receive it. Will your product be appreciated by your users? Will the sales increase? Will you be able to keep doing the job that gives you the freedom to create more? Business is educated gambling where you have to be cunning and strategic. One of the most important tools to see growth in your business is 'promotion of the product.' How will you let people know about your new creation which could help them in their business? It is done by promoting your product.

Inbound marketing is a good solution. Your product will be successful once you build a strong trust with the consumer, and inbound marketing helps you achieve it. On social media, where your customers can leave a comment on the posts of your products, it becomes a strong source of knowledge for the other people. They can know more about the output of your services through those comments.

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There are many ways through which you can promote your startups, ex:

  • Improve the communication bond between your business, other startups and customers by joining a startup community, like Bigstartups, Silicon Valley, Vlab, etc.
  • Organising events and contests
  • Using social media 
  • Advertising  

The important factor here is that all the above actions need one thing- writing. Writing is a great way through which you can express things that are hard to come across clearly in speech, and that is one of the major reasons why business and writing go hand in hand. In the business world, the importance of writing is not limited to sending memos or emails- it goes beyond these daily tasks. Writing is a tool through which you can make or lose the brand name of your product. Apart from creatively describing your product, you need to write a full-length article. This causes a little tension because writing is another thing, and writing creatively to win customers is altogether a different tangent.

Following are the 10 steps which can help you to write a great promotional article for your product:

1. Know Your Customer

The first important point to consider before writing your promotional article is to determine your customer. You cannot create the structure of your article around a random age-group or work. For example, if your new product is a chatbot, then your customers are those who require a chatbot, like someone from the education field or finance. They are your target audience. Write about how much using your technology can help them. How can it improve their services? What will they gain out of it? Create a dialogue between your customer and your product through your content.

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2. Clarity is Required

Writing a promotional article requires the writer to be continuously conscious of the usage of words. Writing an article using complex terms or including slang words might throw the reader off. You are writing a promotional article for your product, and it should be clear what you are trying to convey to the customer. Sometimes, while writing such an article, people forget to talk about the product they are promoting, and include the other services they provide. Keep one article for one product. Do not try to include everything in one piece; otherwise, it will be just a jumble piece of write-up.

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3. SEO is the Key

Without a doubt, SEO is the most important part of a promotional write-up. SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation', which helps to bring the traffic to your site. For example, if someone wants to know about, say, chatbot technology, then your article must have words which could make Google, or any other search engine, push your article forward on the page.

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4. Describe Like You Mean It

Brevity is good when you're describing the characteristics of your products, but when it comes to a promotional article, it is a part of growth hacking strategy. You cannot gain popularity among people by writing one or two paragraphs about your product. Do not directly jump on the description of the product, create a chain of events. Start with a good introduction which will lay a base for the rest of the article, and then create a flow moving it towards the 'good' aspects of the product.

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5. Success Story

It is established that you need to have your customer's trust to find success, but how will you build that trust? It is through success stories. For example, every person is a customer. We all buy things we need from other people. Right now imagine yourself to be a customer. Will you buy anything without checking whether the product will suit your needs or not? Will you buy without checking what other users have to say about it? It is a basic action that everyone performs. You need that success story for your product for the customers to believe in you. Add why your customers believe in you, and what they can expect more.

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6. Statistics of the success of your product

Now, writing about happy customers, and showing the actual rate of success are different things altogether. You can write great things about your products, but it will be similar to tooting your own horn. People seek data, and you should provide it to them. Use one to two images to show the growth of your product, and how the economy, marketplace and other important factors affected it. It will ensure a clear image of the working and acceptance of your product on the market.

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7. Business vs creative writing

Writing is a medium where the wrong tone can do more harm than good. Many writers take the business writing as another form of creative writing. Business writing is very different from creative writing; it is formal and targeted towards the audience rather than written for self-pleasure. You have to be conscious of the terms you use, the examples you give, etc. In creative writing, digression is an integral part, but in business write-ups, you cannot afford any kind of a digression. You have to be clear about everything.

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8. Selling vs Telling

While writing any kind of stories, every writer must remember that showing is the key to success and not telling. In a promotional write-up, you have to remember that you're writing it to sell and not to tell. Consider the following:

  • Do not just tell how happy your customers are, show the comments. 
  • Sell in between your lines. Make your customers want to buy your product
  • Add links to different pages of your website which shows the services you provide, ex: coupons, discounts, challenges to win something

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9. Hire a Content Writer 

Invest your money in a content writer. Where there is no doubt about the fact that no one can know better than what you're selling, but it is also true that everyone is not a writer. People like to read a properly structured article with impeccable grammar, and for that, you need to hire a good content writer.

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10. Too Many or Too Few Images

Images are your visual source of promotion, and you need to be balanced in this department. Including too many images can make the article look like a gallery of the images of your product, and your customers are not reading your article for the images. Where images are added bonus, you need to keep a check at the number you are using. If you are mentioning points, then use one image per point, only if required.

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The business industry is booming with startups, and it is not a hidden fact that most of these startups meet their end even before taking a flight. According to Firstpost, "India now has some 4,750 tech startups -- the highest number in the world after the United States and Britain, which it is fast catching up." The number does not seem to make a difference at first when compared to the gigantic population of the country, but it becomes huge when considered along with the fact that the business giants already have a hierarchy over the marketplace. There are many reasons behind the failure, like:

  • Lack of cash
  • Fall in economy
  • No more need of your product
  • Unhappy customers
  • A bad team

Apart from these, one of the major issues which can shake the foundation of your product is the lack of promotion. You need to promote your product in the same way as a film producer does. Your product is your creation, and let the world know about it.

There are not many startup communities where you can submit your articles to promote your product hence, making the existing ones exclusive and outreaching in nature. One such community is BigStartups. 

BigStartups gives you absolute freedom to submit articles for the promotion of your products, and showcase them on a global platform for startups. Your promotional article will be shared among thousands of other readers and potential investors, increasing the chances of you getting more customers. Apart from visibility and reach, BigStartups has lot more to offer!

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