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SEO Company in Dubai

SEO Company in Dubai

The top 7 Don’ts in SEO that you are actually doing

1. Don’t run behind Link Building and Backlinks

You would have heard about the importance of Link building in SEO.  Getting backlinks is a core strategy for SEO success.  True, but only to a certain extent.  Don’t blindly go behind creating backlinks.  For search engines, quality is always preferred over quantity.  Don’t get flagged for link baiting by getting too many links at once.  Social bookmarking and directories are easy to get, but the harder to get the link; it is usually of better quality.  Google suspects large amounts of links to and from other websites and therefore use links wisely.  Google only likes backlinks to your website obtained in the natural way.  Don’t buy them.

2. Say no to Keyword Stuffing 

During the early days of SEO, professionals and website developers used questionable methods to prop up search engine rankings.  One of the most popular (but not a fair way) strategies was increasing keyword density.   Keyword stuffing happens when a website contains a list of words and phrases (also called keywords), not relevant to content of the website.  There are still plenty of websites that indulge in keyword stuffing.  Don’t be influenced by the technique as it causes your search engine rankings to go down.

3. Don’t rely on Text only content

Content is the King.  Written content lies behind the success of every blog.  Quality content is important; there is no question about that.  But be a little more creative too.  Video content engages viewers better.  Content is still important, but not everyone has the time and patience to stay and read a 1000+ word content.  An image or video says it better.

4. Avoid same title for multiple pages?  Not a good strategy

A common mistake most website owners make is duplicating the same title through multiple pages making it difficult for search engines to observe the diverse content in your website.  Using the same long-tail keyword title for several articles is not a good idea.  Apart from this, copying the same content on separate pages brings no value.  If you do this (copy cat business) from an external website then be prepared for some trouble and heavy penalties. 

5. Don’t indulge I black hat SEO techniques.

SEO guides and so called ‘experts’ can show some progress by using black hat or grey hat techniques and vanish after some time.  They need not mind as it is your website that will be penalized.  Always do some research on proper SEO technique and adopt only white hat SEO strategy. Most of the SEO Company also advises on the same.

6. Don’t write guest posts on bad sites and provide backlinks.

Sites that have a bad reputation and blacklisted by search engines do no good to your search engine ranking.  Never write guest posts and provide backlinks to such sites or sites that have a lower quality than yours.

7. Don’t accept spam blog comments on your site and publish low quality content

90% of comments are spam with no relevance or comments posted just to leave a link.  Moderate all comments prior to approval.  Never accept fake comments.  The importance of quality content was already stressed.  Yes, you got it right.  ‘Quality Content’.  If the content quality is low, be prepared to face the music from Google Panda.  Also the content should be of appropriate length. 

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