Today, brand management is a big deal. With the upsurge of digital media and mixed media, it is changing rapidly. With this changing scenario, brand managers are changing their strategy and shifting their focus from single media advertising such as large format outdoor ads or TV, to micro branding advertising techniques such as paper cup advertising.

As the name implies, artwork and a marketing message is printed on paper cups, to do the talking for your brand. Also, a company’s logo, contact number, website details, call to action, a crisp punchline or discount code is included too.

Image result for paper cup advertising pokerToday, from quarter page of your daily newspaper being wasted on ads to an outrageous billboard blocking your view along the highway to a long commercial break, we’ve all witnessed brands shouting for attention.

Rather than getting lost in the clutter, the need of the hour, is an advertising medium that stands out, in a conspicuous, non-obtrusive and highly subliminal manner. Getting your brand on custom printed paper cups is the best way to reach out to your target audience. Paper cup branding will take your brand places, with people and all over the city, without being annoying and begging to get noticed. It will strike the right chords and attract the subconscious minds of the consumers.

Image result for paper cup advertising gingercupThe rise of the paper cup

Today’s busy lifestyle rarely makes it possible to have a hot beverage such as tea or coffee from a mug. Keeping this in mind, the demand for paper cups is rising since people are mostly on the move. A survey reveals that people working in MNCs have 4-5 cups of coffee/tea per day. Branding on paper cups allows your brand to pop-up those many times in the eyes of the coffee/tea drinker. Even if it misses the first time, it will be seen the second time.  

Image result for paper cup advertising gingercupWhether it’s on the way to work or during lunch time breaks, conferences, lectures or exams, your cups sit everywhere. To concentrate on work and keep up with the quantity of information, a lot of coffee is consumed. The power of caffeine is directly proportional to paper cup advertising.

On reading more online, I came across just a handful of companies that do paper cup marketing.

GingerCup is one such marketing agency that uses paper cups to channel the attention of busy consumers. Brands that have found it difficult to reach potential customers through other advertising methods will instantly be able to recognise their target group through branded paper cups.

They aim to take marketing up-close and personal into the hands of the target audience.

How it works? It’s extremely simple.

  • You give them the artwork that will go on the paper cup or they create it for you
  • Cups are printed and branded in the selected location/area
  • Cups are distributed to tea vendors, IT parks, colleges & airlines, depending on the brand and target demographic
  • Your brand stands out & results are recorded
  • They give you a detailed campaign report

In just 5 simple steps, they get people to talk about your business. They have been associated with big brands such as Baahubali, BookMyShow, Uber, Hotstar, Clovia, ABP Live, Gillette, Brigade, Pizza Hut etc.

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