List of mobile app development companies (iOS, Android, Cross Platform) in India and USA

List of mobile app development companies (iOS, Android, Cross Platform) in India and USA

List of finest mobile app development companies include enterprises and startups those are working more on developing innovative mobile apps for their businesses.

To be in list of the companies, always work on features of apps that connects user with virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of things (IoT) and more. Implementation of new ideas with right app developers can deliver top quality App services. Geo location tracking, live chatting and video calling are now basic features that are integrated with an App.

 These days there is demand of app developers for the current situation in the market. Developers with high level of design and development knowledge experience always have their own space in the industry. Mobile development companies over the last recent 5 years have grown a lot and finding the most efficient one fro, them is a tug of war experience.

It is well known that India and USA has the biggest hub of app developers in the world. The top mobile application development companies located in major cities of these countries work on Android and iOS platform. Mainly there are two mainstream technologies in the market right now on which the market depends totally.

Here is a list of some of the top mobile application developers based on their profile, customer review, portfolio and online repetition in India and USA. Survey is done from various cities and states, then this list gets documented so you can go through it and choose the best firm for your app project.

Willow tree, Inc

Willow tree, Inc is a mobile product agency that builds apps, responsive sites, bots solutions. It deals with any digital product that is live on a screen for the world’s leading companies. Moreover it provides solution for the many firm regarding the technology and developments.

Talking about willow tree it has an elite team of developers. The team is much confident enough to tackle the projects and take pride in their work. Apart from it top mobile application developers of this company strive to be the finest in mobile industry. The developers always try to bridge the latest strategy and design of the apps. The reason behind success is due to enterprise-grade software development that is carried out for every aspect.


Founded in 2010 this company is an end-to-end digital product development agency. Quytech has bought the best quality products to market. The team of expertise has always focused on emerging technologies along with web, iOS & Android. Masters in process that is delivering products from startups to enterprise solutions this company is known for its own valuable work.

It develops the apps that are based on strategic initiatives through open collaboration of the new technology. While developing the products or applications the focus is on to provide better user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for both web as well as mobile Quy Technology Pvt Ltd provides bespoke Mobile and Web software development services. Quytech has expertise in niche technology services on mobile application.
Quytech works with Startup and Enterprises. It helps in fine tuning the mobile strategy and provides solutions starting from conceptualisation to deployment and support.

CodeBrew Labs

Code Brew Labs is an amazing firm that is transforming great ideas into reality. Founded in 2013 Code Brew Lab's team of coder have some great App development experience. It also has a list of a diverse range of clients to whom they have delivered their products.

CodeBrew labs is one of the best company that offer a wide range of App Development services and solutions. The developers builds App those are based on latest technologies and platforms. Their deep insight vision into app development approach has led them to the top among others. With some amazing ideas this firm achieved great success with at short period of time.

Blue Label Labs

Based in New York City and Seattle it is an app designing, development and marketing firm. It is well known for app development across various platforms. Working on many domains for a diverse range of customers blue label labs is providing user friendly apps across the market.

Taking charge right from Pre-launching, PR/marketing and post-launching maintenance, Blue Label Labs has built everything from mobile games to application like Apple Watch apps. Taking the full utilisation of the technology this company worked for enterprise utilities, e-commerce, market solution, healthcare tablet apps and lot more.

IT Chimes

IT Chimes offices are based in USA & India. It is full-service web and mobile app development company that comes among top mobile application development companies. It is well known for serving global clients for more than eight years of experience. To develop scalable web & mobile solutions for their clients IT Chimes uses business leading tools.

Working in with number of clients have made them expertise in services ranges of Custom Website Design & Development. Apart from that E-commerce Development, Native & Hybrid mobile application developments are also fields where they have provided the solutions. Their goal is constantly to be an extension of their client’s business list. It also provides unique solutions to their clients with quality and in timely delivery.


The cleveroad team is trained to help their clients in order to work out their business applications and they do care about the ultimate outcome. Apart from it use of technology in the most efficient way by providing the solutions. Cleveroad is always intended to give productive as well as long term business relationship with the client.

With time their skills & knowledge are very deep and that is the reason that is the reason they are able to perform any IT difficulty. Their potential in today’s market is enough that they can start on their own. IT innovations & friendly environment made their skilled team to produces the great application. Their portfolio speaks for itself and is always ready to face new IT challenges.


Based in San Jose, CA it help different enterprises from startups to large companies. Impekable is among top mobile application development companies that have made important, human-centric mobile experiences. Their position in the market is unique as they make products by taking out the best of their produce. It covers by applying developing trends & technologies together for every client.

From a huge variety of technology enterprises they work in developing quality design & development. They apply the technology and its solution that is more effective to achieve client’s goals. Being among top mobile app development firms their work is to serve their clients with newest app development technology.


This company has it own reputation in the market as Intellectsoft Group is an award-winning engineering company. It develops, maintains and supports business critical applications for enterprise clients. Founded in 2007, the company has maintained the highest levels of quality.

With integrity in a neck to neck competition to others in the List of the finest mobile app developers, Intellectsoft is having it's own prime position. It is well known for creating a bond between Mobile development companies in India as well as USA. The market of Apps in both countries are emerging the merge source of utilisation of the technology for users.


Sourcebits is another one of the finest mobile app development company. It works for many enterprises with an aim to bring extraordinary user experience in every app, with Powerful agile app development. Theirs exposure in the market has led the company name to appear in the list of Top 10 mobile app development companies.
Sourcebits created mobile Apps in a whole new way which will engage customers in friendly manner. This is the reason why it uplifts online sales of the company and enhances the visibility of the business. On the basis of experience it provides users by helping the business to grow more.   


In a small span of time BrainMobi became one of the finest mobile app development firms that was founded in 2016. This firm worked with well-versed expertise in mobile app development based on latest technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT etc. It deals with the diverse list of clients ranging from start-ups to leading enterprises.

In short period of time this company’s team of innovators has gained immense growth and popularity in the market. With hard work and intelligence decision the company created good reputation that led the company name to appear in the list of the finest mobile app development companies.

The above list will be updated time to time and more companies will be added. Feel free to reach Quytech, which has years of experience with successful Mobile app development.  


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