“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  

We all do different things in life just to have a minute or two of happiness, yet there are only 10% who could say, “Yes, I’m really happy,” other 90% pretend to be happy. Nowadays, happiness is like a dream we desperately want to turn into reality. But, how many of us succeed? Not many. 

Happiness is not an easy thing to attain. If it would be so, we all were having a pom-pom party and enjoying each day without complaining. Why do we pretend to be happy, when it’s the last thing we feel? It is because we do not want people to nag us with their questions. 

We want to be left alone to our miseries. This is the biggest reason of which acts as a hurdle in achieving happiness. Most of us believe that if we’re not happy, it must be our fate. It must be Karma. But, we have to understand that denying ourselves happiness, we are doing no good but forcing us on the path of depression. 

Here are a few happiness hacks which can lead us to a calm and positive life:-

* Shed some sweat 

Physical exercise is a scientifically proven way to feel happy. When we do exercise, a chemical named ‘endorphin’ is released into our body. Endorphins are responsible for the level of positivity in a person. You must have heard many people you exercise saying, “the jog was ‘euphoric’ or I am on runner’s high.” These are the endorphins, making the person positive. 

* Meditation 

Meditation is the cure of many problems related to mind. When we meditate, it connects our mind, body and soul, making us feel whole and calm. We focus on our breathing to shut our mind from the outside world. Meditation relaxes our mind, lowers the tornado of emotions going inside, and opens the door of our mind to a positive outlook. 

* Help Others Out 

The real happiness lies in helping needy. Not only you get to see their smiling faces, but you smile also. It is a fact. Helping others who are in need, makes us feel important, like we are capable of pulling people out of their miseries, which is enough to make one smile. 

* Let the Light Give Light to You

It is human nature to isolate ourselves from outside world and sit in the dark. We tend to surround ourselves with what we are feeling from inside when alone. Here is the cure. Fight it. Tell your inner darkness that you won’t drown yourself in it. Stand up and open the shades and windows. Go to your balcony or anywhere where light can reach you and let its warmth spread over you. Let the rays of the sun go deep inside and illuminate. 

* Smile for No Reason 

Smiling not to pretend but to really make yourself happy. If you have to force it, then do it. Smiling can help you to take to those thoughts which literally makes you smile, and you won’t realise that you are actually smiling and not forcing it. 

* Pets are a Bundle of Joy 

Pets are the beings who understand the moods of their master better than anyone else. Whenever you are angry or sad or happy, you must have noticed some behavioural changes in your pets. It is because they understand you. Playing with pets can take your mind off of the things bothering you. It is kind of an exercise with someone who loves you back. Hacking happiness is not easy, but neither is it difficult. Go for these happiness hacks whenever you feel low.

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