How to export Mozilla Thunderbird emails in PST file format?

How to export Mozilla Thunderbird emails in PST file format?

Do you have Mozilla Thunderbird and want to convert email to PST, EML, and any other file format. If your answer is yes then this post gives you a proper guideline to export Mozilla Thunderbird email to PST and more.

Here we also talk about some good points of MS Outlook which is defeating Mozilla Thunderbird day by day.

Why does MS Outlook attract Thunderbird users?

Mozilla Thunderbird's free-for-all has been a boon to the public since its inception but with the modern age, email service has been replaced by many advanced features that are offered in Outlook.

MS Outlook is an application of the Microsoft Office package suite that can be used in more than 30 languages.

It includes many advanced features like Time Zone, Meeting Arrangement, Sticky Notes, Appointment, etc.

Apart from running on the local system, the Outlook application can also be used on Windows and Android phones.

It also provides the facility of Exchange Server to protect the data from unauthorized access.

Apart from this, there are also some other points that are the reason for importing Mozilla Thunderbird email into PST.

Available Methods - Exporting Data from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook

It is well known that users cannot move data directly to Outlook, so there are a variety of solutions and methods to choose from. Here I am going to explain two of the most commonly used methods by which you will be able to convert Mozilla Thunderbird to PST.

First - by a third-party solution that migrates a lot of mailboxes at once.

Second - with the help of Eudora and Outlook Express - it is a manual process that takes time.

Method 1: Importing Emails with Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

If you want a better result then this method is most useful for you as it allows you to convert multiple mailboxes at once.

Here we recommend using MailsDaddy Thunderbird to PST Converter which is known to give accurate results to the user. It is very efficient in loading and migrating data with no limit on file conversion.

With the help of the tool, users can convert Mozilla Thunderbird emails to PST, EML, MSG, HTML.

Steps to Convert from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST

  • First, install and run MailsDaddy Thunderbird to PST converter software.
  • Once the interface is open, click the Autoload or Browse button to load the Thunderbird email (the Autoload button automatically loads if Thunderbird is installed)
  • When the data is loaded, click on the Export button to convert the data all at once.
  • Enable single and multiple PST files with PST file selection
  • Browse to the location to save the changed data to the local system then click on the Export button again

Wait for the process window and press the OK button when it is completed. Go to the saved location and open the PST file in Outlook.

Method 2 – Freeware technique to export Mozilla Thunderbird emails to PST

This method gets a bit tricky as it requires experience and it converts only one mailbox at a time. Here are the quick steps that I explain:

  • First of all, install Eudora on the system and configure it with a dummy account
  • Move Thunderbird data to Eudora and replace mailbox file format with MBX
  • Run Outlook and open Mozilla Thunderbird data in Outlook using the Import-Export tool.

By following these quick steps user can easily open the data in the Outlook interface. Read here to know the complete method in brief: Manually export Thunderbird emails in PST

Note - By this method the user can open the data only in earlier versions of Outlook.


Here I told you about the most appropriate solution which is known to migrate the data directly in one go. Also, see the steps to open Mozilla Thunderbird in PST by manual method. If you want to change Thunderbird email then it can go with anyone method.

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