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Best Ways To Design The E-Commerce Landing Pages

Best Ways To Design The E-Commerce Landing Pages

If you want to become the best seller, then you have to design the best landing page for your e-commerce portal. If you develope and optimize effectively an e-commerce landing page then it becomes a major catalyst for the conversions.

But do you know what is a landing page? Have you ever implemented it?

First, we are going to explore the landing page because when it comes to e-commerce bussiness it matters a lot.

What is a landing page?

Any page where website or app visitors land when they first reach to your portal is known as a landing page, in other terms we can say that the landing page is the destination page. A landing page is very important for converting random users into loyal users, you never get the opportunity to convert these anonymous users and find out the right traffic for your business.

What makes a good landing page?

The good landing page is designed for a particular buyer persona. If the buyers have an issue that requires solution then you have to design the page that resolve those problems with an engaging headline, eye-catching colors, layout, and images. For the best results, there should be a single focus.

It may be possible that visitor may or may not be ready to buy but they can continue to scroll down the page to view the other menu items and learn about the app and positive testimonials before introducing to another CTA.

Best e-commerce landing page practice to implement your strategy

It is very important for the e-commerce business to design a good landing page to solve the issues of their customers. If you are not sure how to make a design then stay with us in this post we are going to describe the essential practice.

Include only one offer 

At the time of designing the landing page, you have to make sure that you should never give too many choices to your visitor. For example, when you go to a restaurant where menu cards look like a book and reading a menu is creating confusion because every choice sounds good. You cannot decide what to order by the time the waiter arrives at your table.

While not able to make decision is the common thing in the restaurant, as you can simply tell the waiter you would like to take an extra few minutes to choose the perfect meal, but the landing page is different. If you don't seek to engage your visitor and solve their issues then most of them will bounce without a second thought.

Similarly, if you give so many choices to your visitors on your landing page then they can suffer from what's known as analysis paralysis, which can cause them to fail to make the decision at all.

Use multiple calls to action buttons 

Just because you have a single offer doesn't mean you are not allowed to use multiple calls to action button. Most of the customers are going to scroll down your original offer above the fold. Remember that above the fold, visitors to the landing page have plenty of options to convert. Scrolling down the page reveals more landing pages at various points, giving visitors plenty of chances to buy new products.

Remove site navigation 

E-commerce portals have a very short time to get attention and a single distraction can send them on a path that diverges from the intended sales funnel. Just because of this reason it is helpful to keep visitors focused on CTAs only.

A/B test your e-commerce landing pages elements 

A/B testing helps you to find out the best headlines for your landing page, you need to test all the aspects should be tested regularly until you find the right combinations of elements to engage and convert the audience so you can tell the most products and earn the highest ROI.

These are the ways to design the best landing pages for the e-commerce business. If you are still not sure about designing the landing page then keep all this in mind and start putting things together after that ask your audience to respond. To know more ways to skyrocket your online sales reach Waki. We provide you the platform to find out your potential customers from all across the globe. 

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