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All About Edulete – India’s First Reward Based Test Preparation Platform

All About Edulete – India’s First Reward Based Test Preparation Platform

Edulete is a fist of its kind solution which enables students to participate and compete in gamified tests / quizzes against top Indian students. The company curates & hosts quizzes across educational (IIT JEE, CAT, UPSC, CLAT, CBSE, GMAT etc.) as well as non-educational (IQ, Sports Trivia, GK, Movies etc.) topics in a variety of formats.

What Problem Does the Product Solve?

Edulete is a competitive exam preparation product created with the intention of improving learning outcomes by tapping into key factors of human psychology which can augment learning. The product addresses the following gaps / whitespaces within the existing range of ed-tech products

  • Absence of tangible rewards to encourage learning
  • Absence of sensory experience enablers (such as visuals, sounds, animations) to improve content retention
  • Absence of psychological interest enablers (gamification, leader boards, byte sizing)
  • Lack of access to quality content for test preparation (across all exam categories)
  • Lack of access to quality competition (in terms of peer set) for effective benchmarking during preparation

What Is Eduletes Value Proposition?
Edulete is a new age Ed-tech company aiming to disrupt competitive exam (IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, CBSE, CLAT etc.) preparation. We wish to create an ecosystem where learners can gain recognition & win tangible / intangible rewards by competing against top students in live tests curated by leading educators & exam toppers. The key areas where the product will deliver value include

  • Digitization of conventional testing which is traditionally done on pen & paper
  • Provide learners tangible / intangible motivators (such as monetary rewards, prizes, recognition etc.) while preparing for exams
  • Provide learners an enhanced testing experience (visuals, sounds, animations etc.) to aid focus & retention
  • Enable access to high quality content curated by high pedigree educators & toppers
  • What Are the Products USP?
    Edulete is a first of a kind platform which hosts reward based online competitions in varied formats (such as tournaments, heads up) for competitive exams. The platform is dedicatedly focused on creating a gamified experience (having interesting visuals, sounds, leader boards, levels, rewards etc.) for learners to improve end outcomes of learning. We aspire to create a community consisting of high-quality educators, toppers & learners across all major exam categories (JEE, CAT, UPSC, NEET etc.)
  • What Kind of Users Does Is the Product Targeting?
  • Our target audience will consist of competitive exam aspirants (in school / college), students who have cleared these exams as well as a general segment who wish to build IQ / cognitive skills (our platform will host tests in generic categories such as mental math’s, IQ, GK etc.)
  • The age group of our users will be between 15-25 (learners below 15 will be legally obligated to obtain permission from their guardians to use the platform)
  • The platform will focus on digitally enabled learners owning smartphones / tablets / computers across all major social categories (section A, B, C)
  • The platform will be accessible across all regions in the country (barring states where skill based online games are prohibited)

How Do We Aim to Scale Up?

  • We aim to scale up through key aspects of our business model, product features & marketing strategy (details mentioned below)
    • Business Model – our unique model relies on a network-based interaction between content creators (educators / toppers) and users of the platform (i.e., high number of creators driving user traffic and vice versa)
    • Product Features
    • Coverage / offerings (tests) across existing high traffic exam categories (govt exams, JEE, CAT etc.)
    • User nudges to drive organic traffic (social media sharing, referral sharing through messaging apps etc.)
    • Reward coverage for majority of participants. Our will allow ~40% of participants (in each tournament) to win rewards
    • Payment flexibility & speed (i.e., ease of depositing & withdrawing funds from the platform through all major modes – UPI, net banking, cards, wallets etc.)
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