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5 Benefits Of Using Instant Messenger Apps In Your Workplace

5 Benefits Of Using Instant Messenger Apps In Your Workplace

Workplace communication works as the fuel for a business’s growth. Many companies have been using Skype, Slack or any other form of application to keep their employees and colleagues up to date about the organization’s performance and other news as well.

The main reason businesses feel this type of instant messengers beneficial is because they have unrestricted potential and is easy to pass on relevant information without any troubles.

In this post, we take a closer look at how beneficial instant messenger applications can be for your business and why.

#1. Speedy Response:

The competitive benefits of an instant messenger over a traditional con call or email is its speed. You’ll be able to convey your information without making many efforts, and will be delivered to the right person instantly. You don’t have to worry about any miscommunications.

#2. Convenient to use:

Your employees will no more have to reach their cellphone’s due to the availability of web version in instant messenger. This bridges the gap between your employees and you by making sure that all working the same way you wanted.

#3. Secured communication in public as well as private:

Of course, you don’t want your customers to publicly tweet about a complaint instead you can funnel them inside a private chat and resolve their issues. This builds loyalty and better user engagement and dedicated customer service that earns your customers loyalty and improve your brand image.

#4. Optimize your workforce:

Metrics about your clients’ queue time, wait time can help your team to plan their workforce and work accordingly. You’ll be able to analyze how your customers inquiries have been resolved and how satisfied your customer’s are.

#5. Online payment integration:

If you’re familiar with WhatsApp’s payment with banks online, you would’ve guessed about what I am about to talk. This will help you to make transactions with your peers in case emergency needs. Boost your employees’ loyalty by helping them in terms of need.

Before choosing an instant messenger application for your workplace, make sure you

Choose the features you need. If you are operating with three to four sales representatives or customer desk, you don’t have to opt for an advanced scalability charging software. Save your money and invest in business chat applications that have inbuilt planners and task reviewers tailored for mid-sized and small businesses.

Always choose a SAAS (software as a service) model, that is easy to deploy and saves you enormous manpower and time.

Ask for inbuilt integrations with other online services or with some third-party plugins to reduce your time and effort in finding another software. Like, Inbuilt channels, mail automation services, CRM’s, File or Desktop sharing software, invoicing services, and more.

If you’re willing to know further about what and how an Instant messenger can be useful for your business then, speak with our team now! 

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